Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All sky map of exoplanet host stars: Multi-planet systems (exoplanet.eu)

With this post I continue my series on exoplanet host star all sky maps. What you see is basically the same thing I showed two posts ago. This time, however, I choose the color to represent the number of exoplanets in the system. So the symbol tells you which method was used to detect the system and the color tells you how many planets are know right now in this system (August 3, 2015, exoplanet.eu). The 740 lightyellow-colored host stars have only one planet, the one black circle in the Kepler field of view (Kepler-90 alias KOI-351) is the only exoplanet system with seven planets - all transiting the host star.

The Kepler field of view is so crowded that I include a zoom in on this region; it's the figure on the left side. The only seven planet system is on the top right of the Kepler FOV whereas the only transiting six planet system (Kepler-11) is pretty much at the bottom. In the all sky map you can see three other six planet systems, however, these where detected with the RV method.